15 January 2008

littl ecrabs

look the little crabs made it to a treasury made by jQjewelrydesigns...

15 November 2007

Thank you too

The lovely pinkmilkdesign.blogspot.com has featured one of my ipod socks on the pink
milk blog at pinkmilkdesign.blogspot.com.
They are a star!

Thank you syko

The lovely syko included one of my white ipod socks in her poster comp for etsy..
thank you so much

4 November 2007

*NEW* check out my new ipod touch socks

Available in the following colours.. You can have 1 or 3 how ever many you fancy...

12 October 2007

My new peepbebe tags...

Pretty little crazy crabs....

My first shop order...

Here is my first shop order for a New Zealand shop (in Wellington) called Madam Fancy pants....

26 July 2007

New swing tags

Check out my new swing tags at Peepbébé store on etsy...

2 July 2007

My first Etsy Sydney meet up!

On Sunday afternoon in a cool cafe in Glebe, Sydney,
I finally met up with some other etsy sellers from Sydney
(12 to be exact).
We had a lovely time over cake and tea and nattered for about 3 hours.
Showing all our handmade creations that we sell on Etsy, we chatted about how we could increase Etsy profile in Australia. And decided to set up a co-operative for sydney where anyone from Etsy in the area can join.
We chatted about supporting each other and working towards an exhibition and promoting our work with some sort of publication/magazine.

It was so nice to meet everyone and I was really excited that they were all a great bunch of people with beautiful work.
I'm really excited about being a part of it and am looking forward to our next meeting on 2nd September...
p.s I nabbed some photos from the lovely esta sketch

The magnificant 13....
Andria from shagpile who initiated the meeting
Lisa from esta sketch
Maria from oneandonly
Amanda from polyclarific
Jenna from jennaappleton
Suki from tamptation
Michaela from Taschka
Ceeb from howlindoggie
Jenny from paperlion
Kit from heartbreaker
Michelle from wooldancer
Alischa from screamingcactusart
and myself...

Huge thanks to Screaming Cactus for this
Click box below!

27 June 2007

First things first!

You'll find my PEEPBAGS store which is linked to "ETSY" which if you haven't checked it out you have to right now!

Also my BRAND NEW extension of my peepbags called PEEPBEBE is the perfect place to find all things cool for kids.
Great gifts for a newborn and any stylish chica and chico's.


26 June 2007

Welcome to my first ever Blog!

Woo hoo!
Here on my blog you can check out what I am up to....
So far I have have come to a big of a standstill with my peepbags creations..
After leaving London for Sydney and leaving my stall that I had at 'The Sunday Up Market' in Brick Lane, East London.
I decided to give my bag creations a rest, but this blog has been my inspiration to start up again and showcase what I am gonna be doing and to store and share all my favourite stores, designs, websites and general bits and bobs that I love....